What Is MLM – Multi Level Marketing

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is a term for a company or business that has multi-level system in their marketing. There have been many names or brands that run in this kind of marketing.

What Exactly Is MLM?

This system has been popular since ten years ago and it also becomes a trending topic among people that go with business. Some of them may do and try about the system of this MLM but some big companies do not ever try about this system because we all know that big company should not take any new marketing way like MLM to grow their business.

MLM appears to against old perspective about the marketing. The MLM thinks that marketing should be involved by the consumer itself but the cons are not small too. There are some people against MLM also because some of them think that almost all of products presented by MLM Company are very tendentious and it is just only about how to grow level and don’t think about the product.

That thing is so wrong because you should have thought earlier without looking down other marketing. What do you need to know about this MLM? What is MLM? Do we need to join? Here is our simple explanation about MLM for you to know.

It needs to be creative

When you have come to MLM and there will be lot of challenges you need to pass and that is why you need to be creative creating strategies in recruiting people to ensure that you have longer down line and member in your team. The more members you can recruit, the more sales you will get and the higher level you can achieve.

It is not easy to be creative in doing campaign and making a good prospect in MLM because not all people can really understand about what MLM can do with them. Being creative will enhance the more possibilities in getting more sales and members.


There are many kinds of rewards. Every company has different kind of reward and it should be understood by all members. There are rewards like money until things like gift. In certain level, you will get your reward seeing the level you have achieved and seeing the sales you have done. The more sales indeed gives you more money. Money reward can depend on the compensation plan of every MLM company. They also have different way in designing compensation plan. It has different matrix too. Some companies may come with 3×2 matrix. Some of them may come with 3×5 matrix and so on.

Matrix meaning

The meaning of matrix is simple. For example, if we have matrix like 3×2 so to get all level to get one tier, we need to recruit 3 people with each person needs to have members under them. It could be long when you can make the circle of your team. The higher tier will be easily got when you can manage the matrix well and maintain the solidity of your team. The more matrixes will give you harder work to recruit.

Importance Of Updating Your MLM News

MLM News – Importance

Are you MLM member? There are many reasons why people now get interested to MLM and they also become more attractive in business since then.

MLM somehow has helped people to be more sensitive to marketing strategy and it is good for those who need self-development without risking the money and they will also get paid when they can boost the sales and recruit people to join. Another reason why people join to MLM is easy and not hard to do when they have enjoyed doing the marketing.

MLM also gives more opportunities for those who want to develop their skill in public speaking. You don’t need to take class but the motivation of boosting sales is indeed helpful for you to enhance the quality of your public speaking skill. You don’t need to join class or else but sometimes in certain team of MLM, they also teach to make you fluent in speaking in front of public.

There are many ways to be successful in MLM. You need to make right strategy or marketing, you need to be sensible to surrounding phenomenon and else. The most ignored way in developing MLM is being update to MLM news. Why should be up to date to MLM news? There are many reasons behind it and we should read and be aware of that. Here are the reasons and importance of updating MLM news.

It helps you to learn more strategies

We all know that there are many developments in MLM companies that you have to understand about it. They have different strategy that you can take as example so you can apply it to your current marketing. What you have to do when you are going to boost your sales, you have to keep learning and making the new strategy and then do trial and error so you can know whether it is effective or not.

We all know that it will be not easy but when you can understand what you have tried, you can see through the MLM news that you have to update. You can also boost the motivation from the good news that big MLM companies have so you can boost your willing to give more tries. When you can find an example, you can learn the strategies and observe new things that you may haven’t had for new learning. That is why it is important for you to update the news.

It helps you to know your current position

The best way to motivate is to see the other companies move forward. It is important for you to know your current position. Being aware to where you are can help you to fix and improve your current strategy. When you don’t know your current position, you may not know about what to do and what to evaluate. You may also have been satisfied to what you have now. You may feel that you are on top but when you are seeing the MLM news, you may not be near to success.